Affies vs Pretoria Boys High Historic Overview 2021

A rivalry that is viewed as one of the great interschool’s events on the South African schoolboy rugby calendar, which dates back 98 years, is set to take place on Saturday, 4 September 2021 when Afrikaamse Hoer Seunskool (Affies) and Pretoria Boys High meet.

The two teams first played in 1923 after Affies was formed in 1920 from the original Pretoria Boys High. They played each other three times in that first year with the first match seen as the “official” interschool’s game which Boys High won.  An extract from a report that The Pretoria News published:

A Second League Rugby football match on Saturday between the Boys’ High School and Afrikaans High School provided by far the best football fare of the afternoon and the greatest excitement. Both schools had brought along bands of supporters. The High School particularly being strong in school cries and football songs.

As an exhibition of football the game was an object lesson to the Grand Challenge game that came later, for both schools displayed a control of their movements which the senior game lacked. From start to  finish the football was waged at a great pace.“

The first few years were dominated by Boys High with Affies having to wait another nine years to record their first win. The Pretoria Boys High – more affectionately known as the Candies – won most of those earlier years’ encounters with Affies interspersing with some wins of their own. The two did not play in 1944 due to the Second World War and again in 1957 because of the great flu epidemic. The 50th game was played in 1956 and Pretoria Boys won that encounter much to their delight after a three year losing streak.

From the seventies Affies started to dominate the encounters and catch up on the total wins. During one unbelievably long spell from 1986 to 2002 Boys High could not win one game and lost 18 out of 19 games played with one game ending in a draw over the span of these 17 years. They won the big one though! In 2005 the 100th game between these two great schools was played and Pretoria Boys High won that epic battle 25-21.

Affies again took control from 2009 and have up to date won 12 out the last 13 encounters only losing in 2019. This was the last match played as the Covid Pandemic did not allow for a match in 2020. In total they have played 116 games of which Affies won 65, Pretoria Boys High 42 with 9 draws.

Results through the years

1923: Pretoria Boys High won 6-3, Pretoria Boys High won 4-3,  Affies won 9-0
1924: Pretoria Boys High won 3-0, Pretoria Boys High won  11-3, Draw 3-3
1925: Pretoria Boys High won  14-6, Pretoria Boys High won 14-9
1926: Pretoria Boys High won  7-0, Pretoria Boys High won 6-5
1927: Pretoria Boys High won 6-5
1928: Draw 0-0
1929: Pretoria Boys High won 3-0
1930: Draw 3-3, Pretoria Boys High won 11-4
1931: Draw 3-3, Pretoria Boys High won 7-6
1932: Affies won 8-0, Affies won 10-0, Pretoria Boys High won 9-6
1933: Draw 0-0
1934: Pretoria Boys High won 11-3
1935: Pretoria Boys High won 11-9
1936: Affies won 15-3, Pretoria Boys High won 3-0
1937: Affies won 11-0, Affies won 11-3
1938: Pretoria Boys High won 11-3, Pretoria Boys High won 6-0
1939: Affies won 8-0
1940: Affies won 6-5
1941: Draw 6-6
1942: Pretoria Boys High won 13-3
1943: Pretoria Boys High won 19-0
1944 – No match
1945: Pretoria Boys High won 8-5
1946: Pretoria Boys High won 3-0
1947: Pretoria Boys High won 15-4
1948: Affies won 11-0
1949: Pretoria Boys High won 6-0
1950: Pretoria Boys High won 6-3, Affies won 11-6
1951: Affies won 6-0, Affies won 11-6
1952: Draw 3-3, Affies won 8-5
1953: Affies won 9-0, Pretoria Boys High won 9-3
1954: Affies won 8-0
1955: Affies won 12-3
1956: Pretoria Boys High won 10-6
1957 – No match
1958: Affies won 6-3
1959: Pretoria Boys High won 11-6
1960: Pretoria Boys High won 14-11
1961: Affies won 15-6
1962: Pretoria Boys High won 8-5
1963: Affies won 6-5
1964: Affies won 8-6
1965: Pretoria Boys High won 10-8
1966: Affies won 16-11
1967: Pretoria Boys High won 15-12
1968: Pretoria Boys High won 14-13
1969: Affies won 22-5
1970: Affies won 33-3
1971: Pretoria Boys High won 11-9
1972: Affies won 10-9
1973: Affies won 15-3
1974: Affies won 6-0
1975: Affies won 23-9
1976: Pretoria Boys High won 19-9
1977: Affies won 18-7
1978: Affies won 36-3
1979: Pretoria Boys High won 13-9
1980: Affies won 16-3
1981: Affies won 16-6
1982: Pretoria Boys High won 17-10
1983: Affies won : Affies won 12-6
1984: Affies won 22-6
1985: Pretoria Boys High won 12-9
1986: Affies won 19-12
1987: Affies won 13-10
1988: Affies won 13-3
1989: Affies won 16-15
1990: Affies won 17-9
1991: Affies won 28-3
1992: Affies won 19-10
1993: Affies won 27-9
1994: Affies won 19-3
1995: Affies won 30-22
1996: Affies won 62-13
1997: Affies won 29-12
1998: Affies won 49-0, Draw 21-21
1999: Affies won 31-27, Affies won 30-11
2000: Affies won 32-11
2001: Affies won 24-17
2002: Affies won 21-6
2003: Pretoria Boys High won 18-3
2004: Affies won 34-24
2005: Pretoria Boys High won 25-21

2006: Affies won 27-17

2007: Draw 20-20
2008: Pretoria Boys High won 34-30
2009; Affies won 20-15
2010: Affies won 38-3
2011: Affies won 26-10 and 44-0
2012: Affies won 34-11 and 36-20

2013: Affies won 50-12

2014: Affies won 34-26

2015: Affies won 56-3

2016: Affies won 67-6

2017: Affies won 36-20

2018: Affies won 62-20

2019: Pretoria Boys High won 28-21

 Rugby at Affies

Affies is famed and regarded as one of the best rugby schools in South Africa. It has delivered many Springbok players in the past and continues to supply loads of talent in the SA Schools and SA Academy sides. Affies also has many players at all rugby provincial levels, with a huge talent pool and one that is rich in depth. There are more than 10 senior teams each year, with some age groups going as far as having G-teams (8 teams per age group).

Each year Affies challenge the country’s leading rugby schools such as Grey College (Bloemfontein), Maritzburg College, Glenwood High School, King Edward VII School and many more. At these matches each and every team gets a chance to take the field for the Rooi, Geel and Groen. In the last few decades Affies has produced top quality players such as Louis Schmidt, Wynand Olivier, Fourie du Preez and former Blue Bulls captain Pierre Spies (also an Affies choir boy) to name but a few. Perhaps Affies’ most unknown star was Francois Swart who played fly-half for Die Witbulle (the school’s first team) alongside scrum-half Fourie du Preez. The formidable duo played for the Blue Bulls and were fast becoming the next Springbok scrum-and fly-half pair. Tragically Francois Swart died in 2004 and since then Affies hosts an under-15 rugby tournament in the Easter Holidays bearing the name of Francois Swart. The long standing legacy of Affies rugby builds each year and upcoming stars are still being produced. Prolific batsman AB de Villiers is also a product of Affies and played in the flyhalf jersey for the Witbulle in his matric year.


Player Debut Year
Louis Schmidt 1958
Tonie Roux 1969
Pierre Edwards 1980
Grant Esterhuizen 2000
Fourie du Preez 2004
Wynand Olivier 2006
Pierre Spies 2006
Dean Greyling 2011
Ivan van Zyl 2018
RG Snyman 2018


2021 Season:

The ongoing pandemic put paid to many school boy matches and Affies could only manage to play 5 games, winning 3 and losing 2.

Date Opp For Against
2021/04/23 Noord-Kaap 19 7
2021/04/27 Oakdale 21 46
2021/05/01 Welkom Gim 31 26
2021/05/08 KES 15 11
2021/08/28 KES 10 18

Rugby at Pretoria Boys High

PBHS has a rich tradition in rugby and produced South Africa’s most successful and longest serving Springbok captain in John Smit.

Affectionately known as “The Candies’ because of their green and red striped first team jersey, the Pretoria Boys High rugby teams are known for their absolute gentlemanship on and off the rugby fields.

To date they have produced three Springbok rugby players in Robbie Brink, John Smit and Chilliboy Ralapele. Smit was also the Springbok captain during the 2007 Rugby World Cup campaign which South Africa won.

Boys High usually field 28 rugby teams, but when they play against Affies, they can field up to 30 teams for the day.

2021 Season:

Pretoria Boys High only managed 3 games during the 2021 season and could not record a single win. They will be hoping to set the record straight again on Saturday.

Date Opp For Against
2021/04/24 Rustenburg 15 41
2021/05/01 Grey PE 15 29
2021/08/28 Monnas 7 54

The game will be broadcast live on Saturday,  4 September from 11:55 on SuperSport Rugby (211)

Historic Information courtesy of Pretoria Boys High website and Affies Website.

Affies rugby stats courtesy of Johan Snyman.


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